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Ready to buy? I’m ready for an adventure! We will start with a customized home buying approach that is unique to each homebuyer; all based on your wants, needs and financial abilities. That being said, here is an overview of a general buyer process. I look forward to strategizing with you more about your homebuying adventure!

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Serving my buyers best requires a thorough understanding of wants, needs and financial abilities. It starts with a conversation and consultation. We’ll talk about the type of home you are looking for, where you want that home to be located, your timeline, your preferences for how you work, and more. Also, I’ll want to know more about you, such as interests, activities, do you have a family, hobbies and what is important to you. Also, providing you with an overview of what is happening in the market and what you can expect will help you make informed decisions about your short-term goals and future.


Part of that Buyer Consultation will be discussing what you need in terms of a mortgage. You may already have talked with a lender and have what you need, or you may have not yet taken that step. No worries! I have great lenders that I would be happy to refer you to. Not all lenders are the best fit for every type of buying situation, but my expertise and experience will be put to work connecting you with the best options.


Once I have an understanding of your buying needs and budget, I’ll get to work, finding properties that are a good match. Properties will be sent to you as they become available, and we can make a plan for those you want to take a closer look at.


Ready to make an offer? Education is key! We will review the forms in detail, so you are comfortable with the offer parameters. These include offer price, timeline, inspection contingency, financial contingency, neighborhood review, title review contingency, and many others. The seller may accept your offer, counter, or reject. If needed, I will put on my negotiating hat and work as your advocate with the goal of getting a mutually accepted offer.


Once the offer is accepted, we will have the inspection scheduled. I have inspectors I would be happy to refer you to or you are welcome to find your own. Once the inspection is over, you will be provided with an inspection report. Every home I have ever listed or sold has had issues that are called out in an inspection report (even new ones!) but there are some issues that may be red-flag issues. We will work together to determine how to handle these. If additional inspections are needed, I’m here to help you find the answers needed.

NOTE DURING INSPECTION- It is imperative that you take an active role during this process. * Let's say I go to the county and talk with Joe about a dock or having a shop built. Joe might tell me yes you can install a dock or build a shop. However, after closing you go in and speak with Sallie and now you find out that you cannot install the dock or cannot build a shop. Maybe you will have to pay thousands of dollars for a feasibility to be done and or have a gopher study completed. In the end it may cost more than your budget will allow. * 

I cannot stress enough how important buyer due diligence is! So please don’t sit on the sidelines as buying a home is a huge investment. On another note, do not disappear during the home buying process. Keep me updated if you’re going on vacation. It is my job to protect you during this process. Dates in contracts are important and missing these deadlines can cost you money.

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Between mutual acceptance and closing, I’m very hands-on, providing you with deadlines and communicating with you about the steps required. You will also be receiving communication from your lender (if applicable) and escrow. We will work collaboratively towards getting the transaction closed and getting you the keys. Please understand that unexpected delays can and do happen. I’ll keep you informed along the way. Patience is needed as there are a lot of moving parts for all parties involved.



An extra bonus? I also provide a home warranty for my buyers when warranted. As a home changes hands, it isn’t unusual for some systems to face some challenges. My gift to you means peace of mind as you take over ownership!
I started my real estate adventures in 1995. This means decades of transactions, experience, and professional connections. What I’ve learned is that each property is unique and has its own set of challenges. Over the years I’ve navigated through a lot of situations and solved many problems. When you are ready to buy, this experience can be invaluable. 

It all starts with a conversation, so do not hesitate to call or text as I am always ready for a new adventure.

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