working with seniors

Seniors and I just click! I am all about new adventures and usually seniors are too. Ready to downsize and get the most out of life, I am there to help with whatever your real estate needs are. Protecting your hard-earned nest eggs and providing all the information needed to make informed decisions.

Are you a senior and thinking about downsizing, making a move, or just want to talk through your options?

Reach out

I’m here to help! Here are just a few things that I do to help both buyers and sellers of all generations:

  • Property market valuation for your own information, for estate planning, or in order to help you strategize your next move. 
  • I’m available to review forms and the details with all my clients so they know exactly what their contractual obligations are. 
  • Forms can be signed electronically OR in-person with real pens. When possible, I will come to you. 
  • Communication on your terms is key. If we need to talk, do you prefer to talk live, on the phone, via Zoom, or do you prefer text or email? Effective communication is very important to me, and I am happy to go the extra mile, so you are comfortable and feel heard. 
  • Do you need to “see it in writing?” That is just smart business and that is how I operate too. If we ever have a live discussion but need to have the details in writing afterwards, I can do that. 
  • Since selling and or buying is a detailed process it may become overwhelmed with all the details. In this case It may be a good idea to bring in a family member to assist, as a matter of fact I recommend it.

Moving is tough for anyone and my goal is always to make my clients as comfortable as possible. I look forward to collaborating with you on your next sale, but let’s start the conversation now, even if you are a few years away from buying or selling. I can be your real estate advocate and provide you with information now so you can be best prepared later.