Marketing Services

I’ve sold a lot of unique properties and have found that the best way to get the most buyer’s attention is to take a very custom approach with each and every property. Therefore, starting with a custom analysis to determine what each property needs in terms of preparation, marketing, and overall listing strategy is a top priority.

Below are a few of the tools I use in my analysis and custom strategy creation:

Home Conditions and Listing Dollars Review

I will review your property, looking for opportunities to increase your bottom line if you are interested, but I am also looking for Listing Dollars – those features that buyers will get the most excited about. With this information and your preferences, I’m able to work out an action plan designed for your needs. If work needs to be done by other professionals, I can assist with coordinating this work as well. When all is ready, I can have the home cleaned in preparation for listing and will provide a Home Warranty to provide extra peace of mind when the home is listed. The home warranty will be passed along to a buyer.


You only have a few seconds to make a great first impression and your home is no different. When warranted, if there is an opportunity to increase your property’s curb appeal with a curbside makeover, we can explore this option.


Part of my Listing Dollars strategy means making sure those features that buyers will pay more for are featured. A staging consultation and setup may be required for this strategy.

& Video

The right Photography and Video will entice and excite potential buyers to make a call, set an appointment to view the home in-person. Some properties will benefit from twilight or drone photography, and video. When done properly and professionally all these tools will showcase your home in a manner that highlights the property's unique attributes. Utilizing this tool is just one aspect of my toolbox.


Some buyers want to understand how a home flows before they make an appointment to see in-person (especially for more-remote listings).


Is the property close to schools, parks, the fire department, or shopping? Potential buyers will be able to see these and how they affect value with an amenities map.

Single Property Website

The MLS is a great tool, but a single-property website can be easily bookmarked and shared by potential buyers.


Although your property will be listed on the MLS, it will also be listed on a number of other websites where buyers may be searching – across the street, the state, or across the globe!

Open House

Open houses are a great way for potential buyers to see a property, but it isn’t appropriate for every property, every seller, or every situation. When warranted, this will be a part of my listing strategy.

and Instagram

Since 98% of buyers find homes online it is important to be seen online. Social media will expose your home to a large audience. Creating enticing posts about your listing will encourage buyers to visit your home, and when we have an open house, I will put the power of social media advertising to work! YouTube too!


Advertising on the world’s most visited website is a strategy that I will employ to get the word out about your property.

I look forward to opening my toolbox, creating a unique marketing campaign, showcase your home and making sure to get the most buyer eyes on your property.